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In Poland

FGGK Law Firm as a specialized law firm deals primarily with the service of foreign companies, litigation in the field of business transactions, intellectual property and new technologies as well as protection of the rights of foreigners in Poland. The Law Firm cooperates with other foreign law firms from countries such as Austria, China, the Czech Republic, Spain, Korea, Germany and Russia. FGGK is also involved in supporting the development of entrepreneurship, especially in the field of the start-ups. We are also pharmacy law firm in Poland and help in cases regarding Polish Pharmaceutical Law. 

In our law firm are only good lawyers in Poland: logistics and transportation lawyers and counsels in Poland, transactional lawyers and attorneys in Poland, corporate lawyers in Poland and corporate legal services, renewable energy lawyers in Poland, transaction lawyers and legal advisory in Poland, debt collection lawyers in Poland, mergers and acquisitions lawyers in Poland, business transaction lawyers, and legal services in Poland, legal counsels for pharmacies in Poland and pharmaceutical and biotechnology lawyers in Poland, on-line lawyers in Poland, IT lawyers in Poland, real estate lawyers and real estate attorneys in Poland. 

In cooperation with our Clients we are guided by the following principles:

  • non-disclosure;
  • high quality of our work, while maintaining a competitive remuneration level;
  • a professional team in the law firm;
  • helping the Clients to save their costs, while maintaining a high level of service and focusing on achieving the best possible outcome;
  • current availability of a specific representative of the Law Firm dealing with the case;
  • systematic reporting of the status of conducted cases;
  • ongoing consultation with the Client of the steps taken;
  • constant contact with the Client;
  • cooperation with the best notaries, accountants and sworn translators who help to ensure that the Client's matters are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

We handle cases throughout Poland and abroad (in China, the Czech Republic, Spain, Germany and Korea), communicating with our clients also in English, Russian, Korean and Chinese.

For business

For business

How can we help the Korean entrepreneurs?

Due to the fact that over the last few years there has been an increase in the investments made by the Korean companies in Poland, the law firm has set up a "Korean desk" team to deal with the issues of the Korean companies separately so that these companies could easily overcome any barriers on the Polish market. The law firm provides legal services to Clients in the following cases:

  • We represent the Client at the time of the company's formation,
  • We take care of all the necessary documents to conduct business on the Polish market and open a bank account, EORI, VAT, NIP, KRS, REGON.
  • We help to draft all kinds of agreements and we also help to negotiate them,
  • We are engaged in consulting on the establishment of the company,
  • We handle the sale, purchase and rental of real property,
  • We help with public procurement,
  • We help and represent the Clients who have a trial in the court.

We cooperate with the experienced notaries, accountants and Korean interpreters.

The Korean desk of FGG law firm has already served many Korean companies in large projects in Poland, such as: energy projects, R&D centres, IT, telecommunications.

We serve in Polish, English and Korean.

The team is headed by the Legal Advisor Edyta Gosk-Grodzka.

Business in Poland EN-scope of activities

Scope of the activities

The scope of the activities
of FGGK law firm includes, among others

Establishing companies in Poland (start-ups)

Due to the fact that in Poland all laws related to the establishment of the companies are complex and the legal system is complicated, we focus on providing concrete and practical solutions to companies starting their businesses, helping them to achieve their goals.

Our specialization in new technologies allows us to understand and respond to the needs of start-ups operating in this industry with the focus on the specifics of their businesses. Our services include the establishing of a company, drafting documents necessary to start up and develop the business, and providing legal advice necessary at this stage. The Law Firm also has extensive experience in drafting and negotiating investment agreements with entities financing start-ups. We are sure that thanks to our services the establishment of companies will not be time-consuming and will make it easier for our Clients to handle such matters.

Business Service

FGGK law firm provides comprehensive legal services to Korean companies. We offer representation in various types of proceedings as well as legal support in the daily activities of our Clients.

As part of our day-to-day legal services, we provide, among other things, preparation of contracts, opinions on agreements, preparation of internal documents (regulations, resolutions, employment contracts, sale of shares), advice on employee matters, obtaining work permits and residence cards, reporting financial statements to the National Court Register.

We provide legal services to companies in Polish, English and Korean. In order to facilitate our Clients' business activities, we cooperate with professional accounting offices, tax advisors, sworn translators and notaries.

New technologies / IT

As we live in the times of the industrial revolution, among our fields of specialization, the new technology law takes the leading role, covering issues related to intellectual property, e-commerce, property and data protection (including personal data), protection of computer programs. We draft and negotiate IT contracts, complex licensing agreements, website regulations, privacy policies and other documents necessary for the operations of a modern enterprise. We have practical knowledge of electronic payment instruments and knowledge of the environment and legal problems of companies operating in the new technology industry.

Company Brand Protection

Many of our Clients are foreign entrepreneurs whom we advise on trademarks, patents, etc., copyrights, protection of personal rights, media law or combating unfair competition. We also provide our Clients with legal support in the area of registration and protection of trademarks and industrial designs in Poland and Europe.

Criminal Commercial Law

FGGK law firm has extensive experience in the field of business protection under criminal law. Counterfeiting of products, acts of unfair competition, fraudulent extortion of goods or obstruction of debt enforcement are often crimes, prosecuted ex officio or on request. The specificity of criminal proceedings of this type requires active participation of the wronged party at each stage of the case. Our attorneys have many years of experience in representing business entities and private persons in criminal proceedings starting from the stage of notification of a crime or motion for prosecution, through preparatory proceedings (investigation or prosecution) as well as proceedings before courts of all instances.

Public Procurement / European Union Funds

We offer professional advice on public procurement. We assist Clients at all stages of public procurement proceedings. Our services include, among other things, preparation of documentation for the procedure, giving opinions on the correctness of actions taken by the ordering party, participation in appeal proceedings, consultancy at the stage of execution of the public procurement contract. We have experience in the field of orders realized in the mode of public-private partnership (PPP) and orders co-financed from EU funds.

Business in Poland EN

Facility Management

Facility Management



FGGK Law Firm is a qualified team of lawyers with extensive experience in the Facility Management (FM) industry. Our team provides comprehensive and professional services in the field of legal services for facilities: office buildings, halls, shopping malls and logistics centres, sports facilities and other buildings. Our clients are companies from public and private sectors.

We provide professional legal support in:

  • real estate management and administration,
  • support in handing over and accepting space,
  • carrying out periodic and scheduled inspections and checks,
  • supervision over documentation,
  • drafting, reviewing or negotiating B2B and outsourcing contracts for:
    • ongoing renovation and regular maintenance of the building,
    • works in the area of ​​utilities, such as plumbing, heating, electricity and gas installations
    • IT network management, CCTV video monitoring
    • provision of cleaning services, maintenance of outdoor areas, snow removal
    • running a canteen



Korean desk


Korean desk
Edyta Gosk-Grodzka

Legal counsel, member of the District Council of Legal Advisors in Warsaw and member of Hong Kong Association. Head of the Korean desk at FGGK law firm. Long-standing advisor to the State Treasury in infrastructure projects. Former employee of the Supreme Chamber of Control. She provides legal assistance to Polish and foreign companies operating in Poland and supports foreign entrepreneurs starting their operations on the Polish market. Speaker at many conferences on data protection.

Contact details:

Edyta Gosk-Grodzka legal adviser

tel.: +48608611713

 KakaoTalk: Edyta Gosk Grodzka FGGK Law in Poland
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 WhatsApp: Edyta Gosk Grodzka

Edyta Gosk-Grodzka

Real estates

Sale and purchase of real estate in Poland and Europe

We offer assistance in buying real estate in Poland and Europe. If you want to buy a property, an apartment in Poland or Europe and you do not have time to personally participate in the purchase, we can help you.

Write us by email or via WeChat or WhatsApp what property you are looking for in Poland or Europe, and we will find it for you. You don't have to come to Poland and Europe. We can do all the activities for you. We care for the comfort and trust of customers. All activities for our clients are performed by highly qualified lawyers and people who speak Korean. We work on the basis of a contract and an advance payment to our account for the activities performed for you. We will send you an advance payment account along with the contract by email or via WeChat or WhatsApp. If we find a property that interests you, we will send you photos and its exact description (area, how many rooms, floor, standard of equipment), location and price. Based on the power of attorney, we can sign on your behalf the contract of purchase of the property and apartment of your choice. We will collect real estate on your behalf. After purchasing the property, we will send all documents by courier or letter. You don't have to come to Poland and Europe to buy a property. We are professionals.

We can also manage real estate in Poland and Europe on your behalf after purchasing it.



We propose remuneration calculated by the hour of the designated lawyer. We are also open to other variants of calculating remuneration, i.e. a monthly flat-fee for ongoing services, with the stipulation that all unused man hours are transferred to the next month. Our fees are paid on monthly basis with invoices payable within 14 days of receipt. Invoices are issued on the ground of timetable accepted monthly by the Client. Please note that our fee will not cover any disbursements such as notarial, court or registration fees, taxes, stamp duties, and similar charges related to the Client’s business activities, any translation costs, travel and accommodation costs in the case of business trips, courier costs etc. We will not invoice you for photocopies, local calls and ordinary mail.


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I recommend the legal counsel Edyta Gosk-Grodzka as a responsible person for assigned tasks, who is very fast in action, has great legal knowlede as well as rich experience in legal issue.